My 10 step process to surviving Solo parenting

My 10 step process to surviving Solo parenting


Most of us with kids will have to do solo parenting while our partner is out of town or working late hours. I believe it doesn’t have to be stressful, exhausting and dreadful. My husband was gone this past week (6 days and 5 nights) on a work trip. Before he left, I decided I didn’t want to dread this time and I didn’t want to spend the entire week feeling tired and overwhelmed. So, as I like to do, I came up with a plan. I believe if you follow my steps, your time solo parenting, although still demanding, can be enjoyable, fun and a time for extra bonding with your child(ren).

Step 1: Cook in bulk: that means, cook once, eat 2 or three times.

Step 2: Make meals simple and easy

Step 3: Get out of the house every day

Step 4: Plan at least one play date, bonus if it’s with YOUR friend and her kid(s), so you get in some adult conversation

Step 5: Get take out/delivery or go out for food once

Step 6: Give your child(ren) extra attention/play time with you. They will be missing their other parent and need extra comfort and connection time to help them.

Step 7: Have something to look forward to once kid(s) are asleep: example: good book to read, chocolate, wine, binge watch show, creative time, etc.

Step 8: Ask for help or get someone to watch your kid(s) so you can get a break. I am taking my girls to a drop in child care in the middle of the week so I can get some work done and a break.

Step 9: Have a new fun project or place to go to. My girls like to do projects, so we will be making popsicles for the first time. We will then share these with our friends when they come over later this week.

Step 10: Give yourself and your kid(s) some grace. There will most likely be meltdowns, and times of frustration, just know you are doing your best and let the rest go.

I would love to hear from you. What has worked for you when you do solo parenting? Do you have a favorite step from my list? Let me know in the comments section.

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